Zef is now open source 🔥

Zef is now open source 🔥

After many months of private testing, user feedback, and iteration after iteration, we're excited to announce that Zef is open source under the Apache 2.0 license!

pip install zef

Zef on GitHub: https://github.com/zefhub/zef

Zef docs: https://zef.zefhub.io/

While Zef can do many things, if you're a Python developer who needs graph data or a graph database for a project, Zef can help!

  • Python operators and syntax designed for graphs (no Cypher or GSQL)
  • Fully versioned graphs out-of-the-box
  • GraphQL API with low impedance mismatch to data model
  • In-memory access speed with local data structures
  • Free infra via ZefHub to persist, sync, and distribute graphs in real-time

Feel free to join and ask questions on our community chat over at zef.chat!

See you on the Zef side 😎